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Just Networks is a Computer Systems Integrator and Value Added Reseller in Chicago. Take a look around and find out how our value-added services take the mystery out of managing your network. We offer in-depth implementation skills and exemplary customer service on a moments notice. All you have to do is call or request a free consultation.

Common Reasons People Contract With Just Networks

New Local Area Network (LAN)
You opened a new office and employees need to share files, printers and schedules.

Internet Access
Your company already has a LAN and employees need access to the Internet.  You want to use Electronic Mail with your registered Internet domain name.
You need Wireless Internet access because you are too far for DSL and a T1 line costs more than you want to spend. 

User Productivity Reporting
Your LAN has Internet access and you think your employees might be abusing your written policy about surfing during work hours and/or surfing inappropriate websites.

Two LANs Separated by a Geographical Distance
You opened a new office in a different zip code and need all of the above mentioned features in both offices.
You have a small branch office in Chicago and your corporate office is in another state.  You need somebody in Chicago to take care of network issues on occasion because it's expensive to fly the corporate LAN guy to Chicago on short notice.

Existing LAN(s)
You have a LAN and an employee who is good with computers.  You need part-time help installing new services and applications on your file servers.
You have a LAN and need expertise to manage it on a regular basis.
You lost a hard drive in your file server and your technician is out of town.
Something is wrong but you don't know what. Your workstations cannot connect to any servers and/or the Internet. 

Existing Consultant(s)
You already use a consulting company for network support, but they don't return your call for days.

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EMail Filtering

Just Networks is now offering Reflexion Total Control for your on-premise mail server.