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Electronic Mail
Enhanced Messaging Services

Anti-Virus Scanning
Once an Email virus has entered your LAN, it takes one quick click for an unwitting user to activate it. Our service scans inbound messages for viruses before they reach your LAN. This keeps your users from ever seeing a virus on their computer and it  protects against the failure of your locally installed Anti-Virus software. The benefits of this service are twofold because your company’s outgoing messages are also scanned for viruses.  See our Scanning FAQ for more information.  

How effective is this service?  We have stopped *countless numbers* of virus infected Email attachments from entering our customers LANs this year.  We can provide the service for you, or we can install a dedicated Anti-Virus gateway behind your office firewall.

ChoiceMail Enterprise (Screenshot)
You will never get another piece of unwanted email because a message can reach your inbox in one of only four ways:

  • It is from someone on your whitelist
  • It is from a new sender whose registration request you accepted
  • It matches a permission rule you created
  • You approved it manually

Why you will love ChoiceMail

  • You will get your privacy back
  • You waste no time reviewing and deleting unwanted email
  • ChoiceMail is powerful, but still very easy to use.
  • It helps protects you from viruses, trojans, and offensive content
  • Unlike most anti-spam programs, ChoiceMail doesn’t create a spam folder in your email program. It keeps unknown mail out of your email program entirely unless and until you decide to let it in.
  • ChoiceMail lets you preview questionable mail with all live links, images and attachments disabled, so you can safely find out what’s in a message.
  • The Just Networks version of ChoiceMail works with any email server environment.

GroupWise Hosting
The big groupware packages require special skills to maintain and big hardware to run. Just Networks has both requirements ready so you can start using GroupWise right away.  For the same price as the hardware and software to run a 15 user system, you could have the equivalent service from Just Networks for more than 5 years. Please provide your contact information and we'll call you to discuss getting started.

[SPAM] Tagging
If you are concerned about the volume and content of unsolicited commercial Email coming into your organization, this service will save you money by reducing the time you spend opening junk messages.  It works by using a wide range of heuristic tests on message headers and body text to identify the message as SPAM.  Once identified as SPAM, the message subject line is modified for later filtering using your local mail application. 

Static Kill File
This file contains manually added entries of servers known to have sent SPAM that have eluded the SPAM Tagging services. We can send you a full copy of the list and always welcome new entries. If a piece of mail arrives from a server on this list, the message will be refused and you will not receive it in your inbox. 

Anti-Virus Scanning$11.00/mailbox$2.00/mailbox
ChoiceMail EnterpriseFREE$20.00/4 mailboxes
GroupWise Hosting$100/domain$10.00/mailbox
SPAM Tagging$100/domain$2.50/mailbox
Static Kill FileFREEFREE



S.A. writes - 
My inbox is really clean thanks to your anti-spam service. The junk mail is moved out of my inbox right to the trash. I actually have time again to stop for coffee in the morning.  Thank you so much! 
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