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SMTP Authentication
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SMTP Authentication

This section describes how to configure your electronic mail client for SMTP authentication.

*** Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express *** 

Launch Outlook
1. From the Tools menu, select "Accounts..." 
2. Highlight your Mail account (it may be called mail.domain.com). 
3. Click the "Properties" button on the right side. 
4. Choose the "Servers" tab. 
5. Check the box next to "My server requires authentication." 
6. Click the "Settings" buton.
7. Select the button "Log on using"
8. Enter your full email address in the "Account name" field.
9. Enter your password in the "Password" field.
10. Click the "OK" button.
11. Click the "Apply" button. 
12. Click the "OK" button.

*** Netscape Messenger ***

Launch Netscape Messenger
1. From the Edit menu, select "Preferences..." 
2. Click the plus (+) icon next to "Mail & Newsgroups." 
3. Choose "Mail Servers." 
4. In the "Outgoing mail server user name" field enter Username 
5. Click the OK button.

*** Qualcomm Eudora ***

Launch Eudora
1. From the Tools menu, Select "Options..." 
2. Click on the the "Sending Mail" icon. 
3. Check the box next to "Allow authentication." 
4. Click the OK button.


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