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Email Anti-Virus Scanning F.A.Q.

1. What is Email Anti-Virus Scanning?

Email Anti-Virus Scanning verifies that Email and attachments entering and leaving your network are free from viruses and other malicious code.

2. Do I need to install any special software?No. All the software is installed on Just Networks servers.
3. What Email programs are supported?All Email client software is supported, including Webmail.
4. Does Scanning delay delivery of Email?The scanning of Email is done when the Email is sent to our servers. It takes approximately 5.0 seconds to scan for viruses using our virus scanning technology.
5. We already have an Anti-Virus package. Why do we need Email Anti-Virus Scanning?We have first hand experience with users that let their desktop anti-virus subscription lapse. New viruses are not discovered if the pattern files on your desktop are not kept current. Our pattern files are updated daily.

Your desktop software plays an important role as it protects your network from resident virus attacks and risks associated with floppy disks. 

A recent study by ISCA labs indicated that almost all viruses are transmitted through Email or directly over the Internet. Virus protection at the desktop is important, but even with virus protection at other levels of the network; stored data and computer networks are still vulnerable to attack.

6. Does it slowdown my computer like desktop Anti-Virus Scanning?No, there is no scanning done by your desktop computer. Email scanning is done at the server level.
7. How often are the virus definitions checked and updated?Virus definitions from are updated on an daily basis.
8. How effective is it in preventing virus attacks?No Anti-Virus technology can guarantee 100% success in stopping all viruses. Symantec, however, is the market leader with the most advanced technology for detecting viruses, including the latest virus definitions to keep your protection levels current.
9. What will happen to my Email if it is infected with a virus?In some cases, the entire attachment will have to be removed, but you will still get the text portion of the Email.
10.  Exactly how effective is it?See the table below for the number of attachments we removed on behalf of our customers.
2003Number of Attachments Deleted
January261 matching records found.
February112 matching records found.
March110 matching records found.
April116 matching records found.
May232 matching records found.
June194 matching records found.
July85 matching records found.
August3149 matching records found.
September1093 matching records found.
October154 matching records found.

Microsoft responds - "Outlook's popularity alone makes it the target for virus writers".
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