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SMTP Authentication

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions for these topics:
Electronic Mail
(File Transfer Protocol)

*** Electronic Mail ***

The settings for your Incoming Mail Server ACCOUNT NAME  should reflect your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS and not just your username.  Below are 2 examples for popular email programs.  If your email program is not listed, you can send a text page or phone the office for assistance.

Select Tools;Accounts
Highlight your Just Networks email account
Click Properties
Click the Servers tab
Enter your full email address in the 'Account name' field
Click OK
Click Close
Restart Outlook Express to make the changes effective.

Select Tools;Options
Select the 'Checking Mail' icon
Enter your full email address in the 'Login Name' field
Click OK
Restart Eudora to make the changes effective 


What server name do I use for my email? 

Type  Mail Server NameWho Does It Work For?
POP3morgaine.justnet.comall users
SMTPmorgaine.justnet.comall users. SMTP authentication must be enabled on your email client.
IMAPmorgaine.justnet.comall users
WEBwebmail.justnet.comall users

How do I read my email?
The simplest way to read your email is to use webmail. Open your web browser and go to http://webmail.justnet.com. Login with your email address and password to access your email.

Why can't I access webmail using America Online?
Our webmail server runs on http port 8383 and the AOL browser can only connect to http port 80. Establish your normal connection to AOL, then minimize the AOL browser. Open a different web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and follow this link to webmail.

Why can't I send email?
Email originating from ISPs other than Just Networks and destined for an address outside of Just Networks will not be accepted by our mail servers unless the connection is authenticated. This policy prevents the Just Networks SMTP server from becoming a spam relay capable of forwarding unsolicited junk email. You will need to configure your email client to use authentication.

*** FTP ***

I want to make changes to my website and I can't connect using FTP.

Try setting your FTP Client or Web Browser to use 'Passive Mode FTP'.  See the diagrams below for popular programs.




*** Passwords ***

I can't remember my password. Can you tell me what it is?
No. We do not maintain password lists of any kind. If you have forgotten your password, we will create a new one and leave a message on your personal voicemail. We do not send passwords via email.


Ping This
Verify your computers TCP/IP  connectivity by pinging the default gateway.
Windows Tip
How to activate the Network Monitor icon and its indicator "lights":

1. On the desktop, right-click My Network Places, then choose Properties. 
2. In the Network and Dial-up Connections window, double-click Local Area Connection.
3. Click Properties.
4. Select the "Show icon in taskbar when connected" check box at the bottom. Click OK.
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