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Internet Access
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Internet Access for Business

Broadband Wireless

This is our most popular option because it is cost effective and the requirements are simple.  You need direct line-of-sight from your location to one of our radio towers or your municipal water tower.  The outdoor equipment at your location is a small square panel measuring 10 x 10 inches and the indoor equipment is a standard Ethernet port. Please provide your address and phone number to find out if you're eligible for this service.

Outdoor EquipmentIndoor Equipment
Outdoor Antenna

Dedicated T1

There are a variety dedicated connection options that provide reliability at full-speed or even modest bandwidths.  T1 service is available in fractional increments of the full 1.54 Mb/s T1 bandwidth.  Please provide your address and phone number and we'll provide an estimate for your location. 

T1 FractionBandwidthPrice*
Full T1   1.54 Mb/s$475.00
3/4 T1   1.15 Mb/s$399.00
1/2 T1   768 kb/s$299.00

*Prices do not include local telecommunication charges.


DSL is typically faster than ISDN, but not available everywhere due to distance limitations.  We'll help you identify all of the providers and connection speeds available your service area.



Why Wireless?
Broadband wireless is the clear choice when available.  The cost is unusually low because there are no fees from your local telecommunications company.  The bottom line is higher bandwidth at a lower cost for your organization.
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