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Novell NetWare
Current versions of NetWare combine the maturity and reliability of the traditional NetWare network with the global reach and open standards of the Internet. 

It lets you create a network based on Internet protocols, while leveraging your existing network investments.

NetWare enhances network and desktop management, consolidates protocols and operating systems, runs next-generation distributed applications, and delivers reliable networking services—on your existing network infrastructure. 

It offers the highest Total Value Network, delivering the most business benefits at the lowest cost of ownership.

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Features and Benefits:

Secure, browser-based management tools for convenient administration 
Powerful clustering and multiprocessing technologies that ensure swift, non-stop service 
Global, browser-based access to network files and printers 
Flexible, easy-to-use storage system that provides seamless access across various platforms 
Directory-based security and support for open Internet standards 
Establish a pure IP environment: simplify network operations and free up bandwidth 
Provide seamless support for IPX in Compatibility Mode 
Bridge IP and IPX worlds with the Migration Agent 
Provides NDS, the world's leading directory service, for centralized and unified management of your entire heterogeneous network 
Integrates DNS/DHCP services into NDS for simplified administration of IP addresses 
Support for LDAP version 3 
Maintain compatibility with the NetWare 3™ bindery 
Reduce network traffic with SLP, which replaces the high-traffic SAP 
Provides a Java server framework for rapid Java application development 
NSS removes previous limitations on file size and number and dramatically improves volume remount times 
Provides intelligent bidirectional communication between users, printers, and administrators with NDPS 
Provide flexible resource accounting and licensing management 
Provides support for all industry-standard clients 
Support a variety of network hardware 
Support multiple languages simultaneously 
Provides flexible licensing 
Provides multiprotocol routing, including TCP/IP, IPX/SPX™, and AppleTalk 

Novell BorderManager

Competing on Internet time begins within the firewall.

Novell BorderManager® Enterprise Edition is the only integrated security suite for trusted E-Business networks. 

BorderManager includes powerful unified management features for convenient and consistent administration of all applications. Corporate networks are protected by BorderManager from outside threats as well as the high number of break-ins that originate from "inside" the network. 

This protection is realized through: 
 o Universal and secure network access for remote users 
 o Positive user identification and role-based access control 
 o Protection for corporate resources and data 
 o Internet data privacy 

Novell BorderManager offers excellent price/performance with built-in cache for improved network performance. The product's "policy-based" approach enables management of large networks and lowers security administration costs by up to 70 percent. 

Features and Benefits:

Control and monitor your users' access to the public Internet
Control and monitor access from the Internet to your private network
Control access to sensitive information internal to your network
Simplify user access to Internet services
Simplify maintenance and cut maintenance costs
Cut remote access costs and management time
Implement a low-cost WAN
Provide multiprotocol and multi-OS dial-in and dial-out access
Dramatically improve the speed at which users access Internet information
Reduce your Internet connection bandwidth requirements
Service a much larger volume of requests from external users

Novell GroupWise

Arguably the most secure collaboration and messaging product on the market today.

Novell GroupWise®, a key component of the Novell Nterprise™ solution family, enables people to work smarter and work together. 

It offers integrated Email, scheduling, task, contact and document management. New tools help people manage day-to-day activities more efficiently, and extensive mobile capabilities allow people to access resources from traditional desktop and laptop computers as well as from cell phones and other handheld devices. 

GroupWise raises the bar on security with secure instant messaging and integration with the leading Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solutions. Clustering and LDAP pooling keep the system running and available for your users. 

GroupWise increases security, control, mobility and productivity, while reducing the cost of managing and maintaining essential communication and collaboration services.

Features and Benefits:

Manage items on your to-do list right in your GroupWise mailbox
Group and prioritize checklist items and messages
Record and track contact information 
Block—or automatically move to a special folder—time-wasting spam 
Personalize the subject line of received e-mail messages
Low cost of ownership
Speedy and sure return on investment

Novell Managewise
Novell ManageWise® is a comprehensive management solution you can use to successfully manage and control your entire network, including pure TCP/IP segments and networks. 

It performs all management tasks from a single point of administration, including Novell Directory Services® monitoring, NetWare® and Windows* NT management, problem notification, traffic analysis, virus protection, inventorying and health reporting. Novell ManageWise prevents downtime by enabling proactive management and quick problem resolution. 

Together with network protection and proactive planning and optimization of network growth, these capabilities make Novell ManageWise key to reducing the total cost of ownership of your network.


Novell NDS Corporate Edition
NDS® Corporate Edition is the only cross platform directory that integrates corporate resources across your network, enabling your e-business to simplify network management, enhance the user experience, and lower IT costs. 

NDS Corporate Edition reduces redundant administration across enterprise systems (like ERP, Email, HR, and security applications) by providing a single point of management for user accounts, profiles, access policies, preferences and security credentials (e.g., passwords and digital certificates). 

As you grow your e-business, NDS Corporate Edition helps you improve your users' experience and productivity by providing reliable, consistent, and easy access to the applications and services they need to use. Even if you experience business structure changes, NDS Corporate Edition makes it simple to integrate new technology from different vendors easily and cost effectively. 

Efficient management of corporate resources (e.g., proxy, firewall, Email, file, print, NT shares, NT domains, users, applications, desktops, DHCP, Solaris user accounts, network bandwidth, help desk, etc.) can help you gain the competitive edge you need to win in the Net Economy.


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