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Web Messaging Tips and Tricks

Our employees receive many messages that are unrelated to our business.  Is there a way to keep these messages out of the office?

Yes.  You can quickly add a Domain Processing Rule to delete specific messages based on criteria you select.

What are Domain Processing Rules and how do I create them?

Domain Processing Rules allow the administrator of your email domain to direct email based on the contents of the To, From, Sender, Subject, the message Header, or the message Body fields.

Domain Processing Rules are helpful in filtering out spam, and email messages that contain certain types of attached files.

There are two types of processing rules:

Inbound processing rules. Inbound processing rules apply to incoming email for all of your users that will be processed by the Webmail Server.

Outbound processing rules. Outbound processing rules filter messages that are sent out through the Webmail Server by your users.

Can you give me an example of when and how I might use this feature?

Lets assume that you receive at least one piece of email per day telling you about Generic Prescription Drugs.  If this is the type of message that you and your employees agree needs to be discarded, this is how it's done.

  1. Login to http://webmail.justnet.com
  2. Select Domain Processing Rules from the Administrative Account Options menu
  3. Click the Add Rule link in the left margin
  4. Select Subject in the FIELD drop down list
  5. Click the 'contains' radio button
  6. Enter generic drugs in the PHRASE window

  7. Click the Add Condition button
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  9. Select Delete in the last drop down list on the page
  10. Click the Finish Button.

This Inbound Processing Rule will discard all messages that contain 'generic drugs' in the subject line of the email message and it will be effective for all employees in your email domain.




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